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Roof Maintenance Reroofing 

Maintenance of Roof:

Roofs of buildings are constantly exposed to the elements of nature and they are prone to wear and tear. Choice of the right roofing materials, proper installation, and maintenance can make your roof last long and save you money.Your roof needs proper maintenanceto increase its life. It should be kept clean and the drains should be free of debris. Clogged drains can cause water stagnation and damage both the roof and underlying structure.Water damage can affect your roof and the interiors. Periodic inspection and maintenance can prevent roof leaks. I recommend the company Roof Revivers.


The flashing found between the roof and protruding objects such as pipes, vents, chimneys and skylights on the roof should be properly installed to arrest any leaks that can damage the interiors.It is good idea to have a maintenance schedule for your roof. Periodic inspection and timely repairs can make your roof last long. It is easy to fix problems in the initial stage. If minor problems are ignored, they can lead to major problems and you may have to spend more money for repair or replacement.


    Reroofing :
   Roof protects a building from rain, wind, and other extreme weather conditions. Over a period of time the roof wears out and needs        replacement. Reroofing restores the function of roof, and improves the appearance and resale value of building. Roofing materials are      of different types that include wood shake, asphalt, tile, and metal. Damaged shingles and tiles expose the underlying parts of roof for    elements of nature that causes extensive damage to the roof and interiors.


If you come across missing, loose, warped, cracked, or buckled shingles and tiles, it is time for you to go for reroofing. Also if you notice any weather damage or large gaps between shingles and tiles, you need to go for reroofing. Besides the damage caused by weather, roof can be affected by poor design, improper installation, poor maintenance, and pollutants in the air that may require replacement of roof.For any reroofing need, contact a licensed, professional roofing contractor in your area who can inspect the roof and give a free estimate. 

How to Control the Effects of Cold on Roof during Winter?

Although we cannot have control over weather, we can control what weather does to our roofs. In areas where there is heavy snowfall during winter, the design, choice of roofing material, and the maintenance strategy adopted determine the durability of roof.


The roof should be capable of withstanding extreme cold, water, and weight of ice. A major problem that arises during heavy snowfall is the formation of ice dams on roof. Ice dam causes roof leaks that weaken the structure.The cause of ice dam formation is the melting and freezing cycle of snow. When snow melts and water flows down the roof, it gets refrozen at the eaves. This causes stagnation of water and formation of ice dam on roof. Ice gradually builds up along the roofline and  prevents free drain of water. 


The ice that builds up with thaw- freeze cycle damages gutters, shingles, roof deck, insulation, and walls particularly in homes with sloping roof design. This problem is prevalent in places with extreme cold climate and snowfall through the year.You can take necessary action to combat the problem to minimize inconvenience during winter.


Use proper roof insulation and keep the roof warm at a fairly stable temperature. Maintaining a fairly consistent temperature reduces the chance of ice formation. Providing effective ventilation system for air circulation and extra insulation in the attic can be helpful to combat the effects of snowfall.Also you need to shovel snow as it gets accumulated on the roof. Unless removed on time, snow can harden on the roof when it becomes too difficult to remove.  While removing snow from roof take precautions to avert any accident.


Prevent ice dam formation on roof to reduce the risk of roof leak.  In the event of roof leak, water seeps into the roof and interiors. In a damp room there are chances for mold and mildew formation that cause stains,  foul smell, and health issues.


You can contact a professional roofer for repairs and maintenance so that you can keep your roof safe during prolonged winter period.